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Your Pasadena Pressure Washer

Patio cleaning

Pressure washing for your Pasadena home through Revive Pressure Washing will open your eyes to how beautiful your home can be. We pride ourselves on being able to investigate the best course of action when we service a home. With our extensive list of services, we can be your one-stop-shop for all your home's exterior needs. We are happy to be able to offer the following services:

Revive your home to look its best, and you'll be glad you did.

Pressure Washing With a Difference You Can See

If your Pasadena home needs a bit of sprucing, pressure washing can be the answer to grimy and stained surfaces that plague your home. Our cleaning services will increase the visual appeal of your home and the value, too. You may be hoping that appearance isn't all we can improve, but by removing harmful mold, mildew, or algae, we also are proud to say we improve the longevity of your exterior surfaces too. We're so good we kill two birds with one stone: making your home look beautiful and making your home last. No matter if the surface is concrete, wood, or siding, we know the best way to treat your Pasadena home so it will look the freshest is ever has. For your pressure washing needs, contact Revive Pressure Washing and see your home in a new light.

Roof Cleaning Experts You Won't Find Elsewhere

Your roof is delicate, which is why you can't trust just any pressure washing company to clean it. Revive Pressure Washing knows the proper way to clean your roof with no damage to its structure. We trust a roof cleaning method called soft washing. Soft washing will safely and effectively clean your roof without the harmful high-pressure cleaning some companies insist on using. Soft washing uses a low-pressure spray of water and a cleaning solution, to make sure your roof shingles don't go flying while they get clean.

A roof repair is the last thing you want to have to undertake. By scheduling a routine roof cleaning, a host of problems are kept at bay, and you avoid a costly roof replacement. Harmful contaminants that have gathered on your roof can be eliminated with Revive Pressure Washing's roof cleaning service. Your Pasadena home needs care, so let us care for it. Contact Revive Pressure Washing to clean your roof the right way.

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